Year 4 electronic music and rap project!

In year 4 this half term we have been studying electronic music by creating our own beats using a programme called Drumbit. They did so fantastically well I even gave them a further challenge of adding rhythm to words to create their own rap to go with their beat. Listen below to hear a few examples from the class:

Willow Class:

Rowan Class:

Year 3 recorders!

Birch and Beech have got off to a fantastic start learning how to read music and play the recorder – we really look forward to our lessons together every Monday morning!

Have a listen to some of their playing so far and, if you’d like to, please leave a comment – John Joseph-Wilson

Beech Class – “No More Milk”.


Birch Class – “Little Fly”.

Glorious Glockenpiels! Rowan and Willow Class.

Rowan and Willow were the very first classes to take to our brand new glockenspiels this half term and did an absolutely brilliant job! The pulse, melody, harmony, it’s all here – very well done year 4! :

Y4 Aut 1 2020 Rowan Class – Glocks:

Y4 Aut 1 2020 Willow Class – Glocks:

John X

Year 3 rock the ukes!


Hi everyone!

Year 3 have made such a flying start to music this year by immediately getting to grips with the ukuleles – in every lesson they have been on fire!

I’m so proud of what they have managed to achieve in such a short amount of time – I have a feeling this is going to be a great musical year for Beech and Birch – check out their recordings below!

John Joseph-Wilson.

Y3 Aut 1 2020 Birch Class – Ukulele

Y3 Aut 1 2020 Beech Class – Ukulele

Infant Choir want you to “Try your best!”


Dear families,

We have been doing some wonderful singing in Infant choir this year and really wanted to give you a listen.

This song is “Try your best” and it’s one of our favourites.

It tells you all about how we can’t always come first, but what is most important is that you always try your best:

“Your best’s the only best that you can do”.

Have a listen here and remember, we love comments on our blog so why not leave us some kind words!

Infant Choir – Try Your Best

Happy listening!

John Joseph-Wilson, Music Coordinator, Jubilee Primary.